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About The Quest


What is The Quest?

The Quest is a documentary-style miniseries produced by the University of Dallas that draws on stories from Scripture, history, and literature to explore the Christian life as a narrative of joyful courage in troubled times.


How long is the miniseries? 

There are 5 episodes, and each episode is approximately 25 minutes long.


Who should watch it?

We recommend this series for anyone who feels discouraged or who wishes to explore more deeply the call to live out our Christian faith in today’s world. The series is particularly appropriate for those of high school age and above.


I’m worried that this series might be too complex or over my head. Is this right for me?

Yes! Although this series weaves together the wisdom of University of Dallas professors, this is not a philosophy class. It’s a visually compelling, gripping narrative that speaks as much to the heart as the mind.


How can I access the episodes? 

The series debuted on EWTN in November 2021 and re-aired on their network at the end of March 2022. However, you can start The Quest today by signing up with your email at quest.udallas.edu; all episodes will be emailed for free to those who register. 


How much does it cost to watch the episodes?

There is no cost to watch the videos; just create a free account and the episodes will be sent to you in five emails over five days. 


Who made The Quest? 

The Quest is the inaugural offering of UD Productions and is a collaborative effort of the faculty and staff of the University of Dallas. All work was done in-house: Dr. Shannon Valenzuela is the Writer and Director, and Joe Haggard is the Director of Photography.


These videos are great. Where can I find more like them?

We invite you to check out the series in our free Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture program by visiting catholicfaithandculture.udallas.edu. You might also enjoy our Liberal Learning for Life @ UD Podcast.


I have more questions. Whom should I contact for answers? 

Email us at faithandculture@udallas.edu.

I want to start The Quest!

On Demand Streaming

Each of the five episodes can be streamed for free by signing up below. You also gain access to accompanying discussion guides for each episode.